5. When is the best time for exercise ?

5. When is the best time for exercise ?

13. How much time is good for Exercise ?

Health is wealth ( Small Changes Big Impact )

When is the best time for exercise ?

TIME is everything. Time is the most Precious gift ever existed here on earth. it is one of the basic principle if you use the so-called FITT Factors, like frequency, Intensity and TIME. In fitness, there are so many categories with different time requirements. We can see a live example from all over the world.

people who are preparing for competitions, championships, bodybuilding, cross fit etc. there are so many sports in the world. i saw many people working out like 1 , 2, 3,5 or 6 hours. It depends on there goal. but, if we talk about that how much a average should spent time on daily physical workout ?

When is the best time for exercise ?

why time is Important in Physical Fitness?

When is the best time for exercise ?

You’ve heard of too much of a good thing? Well that can be true of exercise. When you do a tough workout, particularly when you’re working on building strength, your body needs down time to rest and rebuild.

there’s an old tribe quote that says ” Anything which we need is beyond our necessity can be a poison for us “ and it can be anything. Having a exact limited time routine for exercise is the best way to treat your body. nor less, not too much.

It’s important to time your workout, if you are getting a result. you have to stick to your regular time routine. suppose you are going to the gym and spent more time talking with other’s instead of working out, then you are diverting your time to others.

your body also need time to heal after the workout. 48-72 hours is the recommended time for muscle recovery. In order to speed muscle recovery, you can implement active rest after your workout session and have the right macronutrients in your diet.

Reasons for having a particular time for exercise..

1. Feeling Restless

When is the best time for exercise ?

Spending Long Hours In Workout Can Make You Restless For A Day

When is the best time for exercise ?

2. Other symptoms

When is the best time for exercise ?

Having no Particular time Can Affect Your Health By Causing So Many Symptons like dizziness, light headedness or feeling very burnout

3. recovering of muscle and tissue

When is the best time for exercise ?

After workout, body needs rest to repair our damaged tissue. That’s why sleeping time is necessary.

4. Over doing of workout

When is the best time for exercise ?

excess of Anything can lead you to Edge of getting ill, irritability, anger and depression etc

When is the best time for exercise ?

5. Affects your body health

When is the best time for exercise ?

Your immune system might be down, and you’ll get sick more regularly, but most of all, you’ll get fatigued more immediately in doing daily activities

6. Fatigue

When is the best time for exercise ?

overexertion can also lead to Fatigue. a feeling of constant tiredness or weakness and can be physical, mental or a combination of both. It can affect anyone, and most adults will experience fatigue at some point in their life

7. Inflammation

When is the best time for exercise ?

Overexertion injuries typically leads to inflammation, which leads to pain, discomfort and can also effect your daily life routine

When is the best time for exercise ?

the recommended time and ways to do exercise, which makes you safer and healthier and prevent from any type of injuries..

minimum 1 hour and maximum i hour, 20 minutes is enough for any kind of exercise, you can do so many things 1 hour. Starting from a little warm up and finishing it on stretching part. It would be much easier, if you divide that 1 hour into small into parts like :-

1. start from a little bit warm up, always remember when ever you go the gym, do not hit directly to the weights. first you do a warm up for about 10 to 15 minutes. which helps your body to getting into action mode.

2. After the warm up, go to the weight training section and start from light weights so that your body come into the form for lifting weights. Increase your weight gradually, not suddenly ( which can lead to joint pain or dis alignment ).

3. Spend 30 to 35 minutes in weight training, with a minimum rest of 30 seconds to maximum 1 minute, because the continuation is must in order to grow the muscle. rest less, try to do more.

4. You can have water in between the sets, but not too much otherwise your body get bloated and you are unable to give your best at the moment. do not take long gaps between the sets. try to do with more intensity. Intense workout always bring results.

When is the best time for exercise ?

5. Talk less, do more. sometimes people get indulge so much with others, they even forget about themselves. which leads to cool down of body due to which they leave the exercise as it is. Avoid these things.

6. After the workout, you can also a go for a cardio section. Doing cardio after workout is more beneficial if we compare it to the beginning. You can go for a 10 to 15 minutes normal or Inclined walk, cycling and cross trainer.

When is the best time for exercise ?

7. do not leave gym without doing stretching, it is the most effective way to cool down your body and getting into normal state of mind. helps in lowering down your blood circulation, 15 to 20 minutes maximum.

8. also avoid time killing activities in the gym. like Gossiping about others, spending too much time on phone, waiting for the machine ( if the machine is busy, then shift to another one quickly ), and the most common i saw many people at the gym, in between, the work out sometimes they just stop ( looks like they’ve lost into something ). i also don’t know why but, it also a time killing moment. So Avoid this and try to push. Health is Wealth ( Small Changes Big Impact )

If you don’t make time for exercise, you’ll probably have to make time for illness – Robin sharma

Health is Wealth ( Small Changes Big Impact )

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14. morning workout v/s evening workout

When is the best time for exercise ?

When is the best time for exercise ?

Which one is good ? Morning, afternoon, evening or at night. the first thing that you have to feed into your mind is the 70-30. now, what is it? 70% is Diet and 30% is physical Activity. Don’t worry if you skip one day but your diet must be maintained in order to go for longivity.

in india, there is very broad majority of people. i saw many people, specially the night shifter’s mostly prefer going to the gym in the morning or people directly coming to the gym from the office. which is very good thing, it shows that how people are serious about there health, lifestyle.

our body work according to a biological clock. many people feel fresh after the morning work out but some has different opinions.

According to a research Morning work out is more beneficial then other workout timings. Why?

When is the best time for exercise ?

going for exercise in the morning promotes your body in a more healthy way. it shows you the clarity towards your goal. Morning workout helps you to focus more on your motive instead of working out in the evening middle of the chaos.

Morning is considered to be the best time for workout, especially when physical activity is done in the morning on an empty stomach. In the morning, the biological profile of the body speeds up metabolism which is a good sign for losing weight.

Reasons to go for a morning workout

1. consistency

When is the best time for exercise ?

Morning exercisers tend to be more consistent. which helps them to focus more in the morning.

When is the best time for exercise ?

2. Prevent cravings

When is the best time for exercise ?

Morning workout may prevent cravings. ( Learn the power of saying ‘ NO ‘ )

3. Hormones are Higher

When is the best time for exercise ?

Testosterone and muscle-building hormones are Higher earlier during the day. Wake up with your hormones and you’ll have a faster path to stronger muscles.

4. Primary source of energy

When is the best time for exercise ?

Fat is our primary source in the morning. So, when you workout, you’re targeting more fat directly.

When is the best time for exercise ?

5. sleep

When is the best time for exercise ?

working out in the morning will help you lower down your blood pressure and improve your sleep.

6. Fresh air

When is the best time for exercise ?

In morning you breathe more  more deeply, drawing more air deep into the bottom of your lungs. This not only brings more oxygen into your cells but helps the lungs to expel more airborne toxins from the body.

7. metabolism

When is the best time for exercise ?

Boost your metabolism in the morning. it helps to ensure you squeeze it in

8. crowd

When is the best time for exercise ?

There may less crowd in the morning. no rushing in the weight training, empty machines ( you can easily switch from one machine to another )

When is the best time for exercise ?

going gym in a morning relives you from your first activity of the day. Suppose you are working guy and your job timing is 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. I mostly saw working people won’t be able to go the gym due to work pressure.

this is also the reason for exercising in the morning. so, that the workout gap shouldn’t be so long. Continuation is necessary for the progress.

there are so many reasons which can prevent you from going for exercise in the evening like :-

1. Office parties

2. Late night parties

3. extra time in work

4. going to functions, events, marriages etc

5. Going for outing

once you go for exercise in the morning, then you’ll be free for your whole day. Exercise in the morning + Diet + Work + Sleep. follow this pattern for the proper result. once your body get habitual of it, then it will be not harder for you for the future.

If any unexpected circumstances are occured, then you can shift your workout in the evening. otherwise, i mostly prefer the morning workout is always better.

A review of studies found that exercise can help Curb Appetite after working out. Another study found that women who worked out in the morning had a much lower calorie intake compared to those who worked out in the evening.

When is the best time for exercise ?

When is the best time for exercise ?

A small Morning workout routine

warm up ( Jumping or skipping rope )10 to 15 minutes
Push-ups 5 flat, 5 inclined, 5 Declined
Pull-ups 4 sets of 5 times
Squats 5 sets of 10 times
Cycling 10 minutes
treadmill walk15 minutes
Stretching 15 to 20 minutes
Health is wealth ( Small Changes big Impact )

This is a small workout routine for beginner, A simple and strength building exercises. for mastering the exercise, first you have to work upon your posture. yes, posture plays an important role for building any muscle without any serious injuries. keep one thing in mind, do not go in rush. stay focused.

Still you have some queries about the time, you can easily understand the difference between morning and evening workout in the above picture. it will help you clearing the advantages of both morning and evening workout. Going in the morning will also help you developing a good habit of sleeping and waking up early.

you wake up early, freshen up, eat a banana or two (I prefer), go to the gym, train harder than the previous day and then your day gets actually started. You go to office, work with all the energy that your body witnessed earlier that day, and shine like the sun. You come back home, have enough spare time to indulge in some or the other hobby. Sleep peacefully.

The feeling you have after finishing your morning workout is better than it feels to sleep an extra hour..

One small Push In the morning can change the entire outcome of your day ‘

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