it's always you vs you !

i started changing me in 2018. Exploring myself was great. during the journey iv’e experienced many things about me, learned so many things about workout like exercises, correct forms, what should be the right posture, how to start as beginner, what weights should we used at the start, what is the importance of diet, how to stay on track, how to manage other portions of life, avoiding distractions. it takes a lot of planning like creating daily, weekly, monthly, goals and most important is how important health is!


IT'S ME IN 2017 VS ME IN 2022

A little flashback of my STORY...

Never stop changing, never loose your focus. if anyone comes between you and your goals, just remove them and stay focused.


Positiveness brings people together 

HABITS (2021)


Good habits creates good persona


Never stop

Stop when you acheive