Muscle building

Muscle building

Muscle building

Learn, apply and build

Is it hard to build muscle?

Muscle building is not difficult; however, it does necessitate adequate discipline, time, and effort. Muscle mass can be increased by using the proper technique and form.

Facts about muscle building

1. It takes protien 2. sleep is crucial 3. Yes, it take carbs 4. The foundation is key 5. Routine is the enemy 6. Timing is important 7. Water is crucial 8. It's not just about lifting dumbbells 9. The more muscles involved, the better 10. It takes intensity

Muscle building process

Training + Enough ( Healthy ) Calorie + Rest = Success


First you need to train with weight to overload your muscles and trigger growth. 

Start with a exercise ( compound ) Because it works at several parts at a time. 

Enough healthy calories

Enough calories to consume sp yoiur body has the energy to not only continue training but also to build more muscle tissue.

Calorie surplus

Good v/s bad calories


it is necessary to take proper rest after the workout, for the recovery of the body. 

Recommended time - atleast 7 to 9 hours

Meditating also helps

workout ( Routine )

You should lift weights at least three times every week. According to the research, a minimum of two days of training each week is required to maximise muscle growth. The format of your exercises and the number of days you commit to strength training are determined by your current fitness level.


Plays an very crucial role for building our muscle. 30% is exercise and 70% is diet. Increase the intake of protien, go for natural food items. Protein-rich diets are essential for muscle growth, while carbs and lipids are also required sources of energy. If you want to gain lean muscle, you should exercise regularly and consume more calories per day from muscle-building nutrients.


Sleep promotes the release of protein-building amino acids into the bloodstream, allowing muscles to become larger and stronger over time. Sleep promotes the production of growth hormones, which aids in muscle regeneration during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.


Tips for beginners

Before indulging in strength or aerobic workouts, warm up and stretch for 5-10 minutes. Begin with low weights and progressively raise the weight or resistance level. Perform all exercises with proper form, breathing methods and controlled movement.

workout routines for muscle buildings

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