33. Creativity and Mental health

33. Creativity and Mental health

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Creativity and Mental health

Creativity is a type of inner space in which anything can happen; the possibilities are limitless. Everywhere we look, we see creativity, the environment, large projects, monuments, structures, natural wonders, sand dunes, caves, oceans, surfaces, people, people, children, food and cars. Even a single notion is creative.
The brain contains many complicated ideas. Everything I’ve mentioned above was a product of someone’s imagination or creativity. This is how things come into existence. People perceive, understand, and try to relate to it, and then another amazement appears. It is pretty deep knowledge.

Creativity is something that defines human ideas and thoughts or shapes those ideas and knowledge to bring something new into the world, allowing individuals to move forward in their lives.
Everything, from large corporations to small businesses, is founded on a few concepts. Our brain’s right hemisphere is also responsible for creativity, colour, and concepts, among other things.
Japan has a very good means of ensuring that children’s futures are bright; other countries also have the best approaches. But I appreciate the way it is, like the whole of Japan, as if a force wants to establish the best Japan for its offspring. I witnessed nature, beauty, ingenuity, and yes, inventions. I mean, they’re good.

I noticed very excellent things in Japanese schools; they place a high value on children’s creativity, as evidenced by their animated series, production methods, visualizations, and so on.

Creation, the best and freest brain vitamin to boost our life-flowing vitality. The nicest part is that we don’t have to pay for it; it’s an in-built system.

Can creativity be taught?

A fantastic question arises, however in my perspective, I believe it is not because it is not a school course or anything that can be taught. It is a self-generated inner process, similar to how some creations are simply God’s creations.

Creativity and Mental health

Which are fantastic, I mean, completely awesome.
It’s almost as if blood runs through our veins; the same is true for creativity; go reside in, surf, and then start forming chains, one after the other.

Every script writer and director does the same thing: they first depict an image of a person or character that they were developing at the time. Similarly, before filming a scene, the director visualises the scene in his mind and then moves on.

It stems from the fact that every great comic inventor in the world, from DC to Marvel, used their ingenuity to such an extent that people today applaud their efforts.

It can’t be taught; it’s a self-brain process. There are several books on this topic. Yes, creativity is an aspect of the human consciousness. It has limitless potential, and it can lead to places no one has ever imagined.

Remember, you attract what you think, which is really essential. Good thoughts elicit feelings, and the energy of those sensations draws similar energy.

The only thing that can be taught is to think positively or negatively and the rest of the process will begin automatically.
Overthinking creativity leads to distraction and consumes more time. Yes, music is an excellent supplement to anything a person creates.

In fact, music has been used to save people’s lives since antiquity. Collaborating on the rhythm of flowing thoughts and melodies might yield better and faster results. That is why their music is more than just a tune; it interacts with our mind and generates energy for the body.

Many people around the world use music as a tool to achieve their aims. We can see that artists are at the top of the list, and there are many.
Music, like maths, is a universal language.
Everything in the universe is unique in its own way, from the largest to the smallest. Everyone on the planet understands the power that music can produce.

The universe bestows upon us the gift of creativity. Dive into the deepest cause of it and come up with a fresh way to bring about change; one notion leads to another. The brain has more power than we believed.

Why Creativity is so important?

In this modernization, we need both a rational and creative perspective. According to research, the brain has two hemispheres: the left is logical, while the right is creative.

The logical half deals with reasoning, whilst the other deals with ideas and thoughts.

In today’s evolving world, the crowd wants fresh breakthroughs and techniques. Take artificial intelligence as an example; some people considered this idea a long time ago, and it is quickly spreading. If a person opens his account and goes to the Play Store, he will find lakhs of results.

What is all this? These are all things that were first produced by anyone and then converted into software.

This is 2024, and things are changing swiftly. We can see fresh additions to our lives every day, connecting one path to another. We value both creativity and rational thinking.

Everyone knows about the Burj Khalifa. Architect Adrian Smith was in charge of the vision and design. The design of the Burj Khalifa represents a poetic and well-proportioned structure.

Adrian Smith, a renowned American architect, was responsible for the vision and design. The architecture of the Burj Khalifa is based on the poetic and well-proportioned structure of the Hymenocallisor SpiderLily, a regional desert flower that inspired architect Adrian Smith’s concept for the renowned tower.

Creativity and Mental health

Just like the Burj Khalifa, there are countless wonders in the world that hide actual creation. History can be an excellent example of discovering the true essence of creation. We can see the pyramids, colossum.

In India, we can visit the south side, which is famous for temples. The needlework on each pillar of the temple is incredible. These are excellent examples of ingenuity, definitely.

Who knows? In the midst of this, a youngster emerges with the power to do something extraordinary.

Having the ability to do something amazing is when a person’s true creativity shines through. Everyone knows Picasso, right?

The creative mind may achieve anything; ideas and concepts never vanish; they are only kept in our bodies, as are the vibrations.

In today’s competitive global marketplace, creativity is a critical differentiator that distinguishes individuals and organisations.

Creative thinking enables organisations to differentiate their products and services, attract customers and surpass their competition.

Companies that cultivate an innovative and creative culture can acquire a competitive advantage and prosper in a rapidly changing environment.

Modernization frequently entails adapting to new technology, trends and market dynamics.

Individuals and organisations can think adaptively and flexibly via creativity, embracing change and grasping possibilities for growth and development.

By cultivating a creative culture, organisations and communities can overcome uncertainty and stay ahead in an ever-changing landscape.

How does creativity aid mental health?

Creativity and Mental health

How might creativity improve mental health? It is beneficial in so many ways. Being creative can promote good emotions, lessen depressive symptoms and anxiety and improve the operation of the immune system.

As I discussed in prior readings, mental health can be improved and developed by practicing numerous kinds and ways.

Using creative methods or creating something intriguing to increase confidence is a gradual process.

Creativity and Mental health

Creativity can also improve general physical wellness. It also improves our mood. Creativity allows a person to solve numerous difficulties on their own.

Creativity is like an internal remedy for enhancing mental wellness. A creative mind has the ability to build many things.
But, what? Everything is made up of energy. Everything is built and functions on energy.
But, what does a creative mind actually do? Aside from building something, what else does it create? Yes, it is a single pulse of energy.

Our entire body, including organs, tissues and cells is powered by energy. The energy of a single idea attracts another. Then the process multiplies into another. All things contain energy.

How our bodies mend overnight?. Everything is a work of energy that runs through the human body. At night, our bodies slumber and energy circulates throughout the body.
Yes, mental health should be the number one priority. Energy serves a variety of functions in the human body.

Creativity affects our wholeness in a variety of ways.

Self-Exploration and Identity, Creative activities promote self-exploration and self-expression, helping people to discover their own interests, talents, and values. Engaging in creative activities can lead to a better understanding of oneself, stimulate self-discovery, and boost self-esteem and confidence.

Creativity and Mental health

Sense of Purpose, Creative endeavours give individuals with a sense of purpose and fulfilment, allowing them to express their talents and passions in meaningful ways. Having a creative outlet can increase motivation, give you a sense of accomplishment and provide you joy and fulfilment in life.

Stress Reduction, Creative pursuits like painting, writing, and crafts can help people focus on the present moment and reduce stress. Creative expression allows people to express themselves and channel their ideas and feelings in a positive way, encouraging relaxation and emotional well-being.

Emotional Expression, Creativity provides a way to communicate feelings and process events that are difficult to define verbally. Individuals can use art to explore and express complex emotions, gain insight into their experiences and find catharsis and healing.

Creativity may strengthen social connections and interpersonal interactions by allowing for collaboration, sharing, and mutual admiration. Participating in creative communities, workshops, or group activities encourages people to connect with others who share their interests, form supportive relationships and overcome feelings of loneliness or isolation.

Resilience and Coping, Participating in creative activities can help people cope with hardship and create resilience in the face of obstacles. Creative expression is an effective approach to managing challenging emotions, coping with challenges and finding hope and purpose in difficult situations.

Positive Mood, Creativity has been related to increased mood and psychological well-being. Engaging in artistic hobbies can improve mood, boost feelings of satisfaction and fulfilment and develop a good attitude towards life.

Creativity is an wild eye and a disciplined eye

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